How to Find a Perfect SEO Specialist?

Every modern lead business today needs an SEO person or a team to do all the little tricks needed and get your page out there. These people are getting hired to get inside the deep parts of the internet sites you own and make them perfect for the search engine bots to rank it as higher as possible. Learn more about this here.

Let’s see how to find the best person for the job. First, however, it’s important to learn what this method is and why every business needs it. Read on and learn more!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s a way to fix all the problems inside the web site so the search engines can see it as the best choice to be presented to people who search for something related to it.

What the expert will do is to optimize the page for this. Fix all the problems, add some special keywords, change the size, speed, location of problematic links, and everything that needs to be done for everything to go smoothly.

Now, let’s see what the best person needs to have in order to be hired by you. Follow up and learn more about this!

Perfect track record

Before hiring someone ask them if they did some previous work that you can see. Check out some recommendations from clients before you. You don’t want to hire anyone who isn’t capable of doing a perfect job. See the site of Johnny Chen who shows on how this looks and how it should be done.

If this person can’t get your page among the top few sites, they didn’t do a good job. Why spending money on someone who won’t give you anything in return. 

Experience is a must

Experience is important because SEO is a complex topic and it takes a lot of practice to know exactly what and where should be used. When we say the experience we also mean someone who’s been around since when this method started working and was following trends until today.

Knowing what’s important today and having experience with previous works will give you the perfect combination. Things change every day and you need a person who follows what’s happening in this business world.

Previous client reviews

Search the internet to find what other people think about their work. There’s everything about everyone who’s offering some kind of service. You’ll find specialized pages that give reviews and comments on people and companies they’ve been working with.

If you can’t find something like this, but there are clients on their page who they claim worked with, then simply ask for a recommendation letter. Write to these companies and ask them if they are satisfied. Sometimes these names are written just for showing off, so if you find out they’ve been lying about something, end negotiations at once.

Ability to work fast

Tell them what you need and ask them how fast they can do it. SEO is a profitable business and those who are highly skilled have a ton of work. They won’t tell you this but if you accept hiring them without asking about deadlines, you might need to wait forever. See why deadlines are important here:

This is not acceptable because every day without the optimization means losing money. When you leave the page without being opted, you are actually leaving the money for the competition that already did it. This is unacceptable, so make sure this person is ready to do the job fast enough.


As you can see, hiring an SEO specialist is absolutely necessary and if you didn’t do it by now, you need to act fast and don’t lose another minute.

Hiring the best person can be tricky. It’s not easy finding it. Everyone out there claims to be excellent but you need to do thorough research before hiring anyone. This article should help you make the right decision. With it, you should also realize why this is so important for you and your business.

If you want to grow in every sense, you must become relevant on the internet. All businesses are slowly relocating there and making huge webpages that offer lots of services to their clients.

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