How To Earn Money Using MintVine Survey Systems


Earning money online is not really a new idea. There are various legitimate ways by which people earn money on different platforms on the internet. One of such is through survey sites like MintVine. Survey sites basically work by offering an opportunity to make money in exchange for taking surveys and answering questions. 

Businesses and organizations make use of these sites to gather information and develop marketing strategies that will help them meet their consumers’ needs better. Survey sites don’t take your personal information. All that is needed are your preferences and related information that help businesses and organizations in making vital decisions. They may also take polls and survey of people’s opinion on different topics or subjects for use in studies. 

MintVine (now known as Branded Surveys) works basically like this with a few added benefits. It is one of the many survey sites available and is fast becoming one of the top choices for this purpose. MintVine is an online market research company that pays you for taking surveys. It works slightly different from your average survey site because it allows its users to earn rewards through other means such as referrals, downloading apps, watching adverts, signing up to newsletters and much more. You are paid in points and once you’ve reached the minimum threshold, you can cash out your earnings. It is a legitimate site that pays and has positive reviews from some of its users. Now unto to the nitty-gritty, let’s see how to earn money on MintVine.

1. Sign up: of course, you can’t earn money without becoming a member and the best part is, registration is free! It is available to anyone above the age of 13 and who resides in U.S, U.K or Canada. You can either sign up via your email address or your Facebook account, which just helps simplify the process. Be sure to complete the signup form and confirm your registration to get your account active. Once registered and active, the site gives you an introduction on how it works and the various opportunities through which you can earn points and be rewarded. Just for signing up, you are awarded 200 points. If you are interested in gaining more points easily, you can make use of the visible profile surveys to answer more questions about yourself.

2. Surveys: the site works by matching you with surveys based on the information supplied during the signup process. Therefore, you must be honest with your answers when signing up to get surveys that you qualify for. Once a matched survey is available for you, you’ll get notified via your email. You would need to act fast since you are not the only one getting the same notification and the number of entries on each survey is limited. For each survey you fill, you’d be paid in points and the number of points you earn is dependent on the survey filled. On average, you can earn between 50- 100 points per survey. Before filing a survey, you will have to answer qualifying questions first that will determine if you can take the survey or not. Since it can be disheartening to get rejected for a survey either because you were disqualified or it’s unavailable, the site compensates you with about 5 points for your efforts. Most surveys take between 10-20 minutes to complete.

  1. Payment: the minimum threshold for cashing out points is 1000 points and that is equivalent to $10. You can then decide what payment option works for you. Either PayPal, Dwolla online wallets, e-gift cards or e-gift codes. Redemption just takes about 48 hours to process and so with just a few weeks in, you can already cash out your earnings.

4. Other methods of earning: this is one of the perks MintVine has over other survey sites. Apart from just taking surveys, users are provided with other means of earning points as well. Some of which include filing out of daily polls (you’ll get 5 points in a day and an additional 25 points if you do 10 days in a row), games that require you to name brands and you’ll be rewarded with points for correct answers, shopping locally, taking part in focus group and many others. MintRoll is also a new survey concept that can be used to earn extra points. It is formed based on your behavior and opinion and takes just about 7 minutes to complete. You get an extra 200 points just by doing so. 

Click here for tips to help you earn more on this platform. 

5. Referrals: this is another great way of earning points on MintVine. The MVP section has a referral link that can be sent to your social media platforms and email. It’s similar to sharing but comes with a reward. For just advertising MintVine and getting your friends to sign up, you get a commission of 15% of what they make on their surveys. They get their full amount and MintVine awards you with 15% of it. Plus, you also get 50points upon the completion of their first survey. So aside from the opportunities available to you to earn more points, referrals serve as a means of earning a bonus without really doing so much. If friend referrals don’t appeal so much to you, there are focus group that you can participate in. Focus groups are surveys in the form of discussions. You get to talk and answer a lot of questions and still get paid for it. By participating in focus groups you could earn between $25 to $59 per hour. 

Making money from MintVine is not only real but also quite easy as well. It is a confirmed legitimate platform and straight forward. MintVine has a user-friendly interface and is relatively new on the market. The surveys are not intrusive and it is a very way of earning some extra cash. Of course, no company is perfect, and you may find some cons too, but the positive outweigh the negatives. You can read up on some of the pros and cons of the platform in this review  Since signing up is completely free you can register on MintVine if your love surveys and you are looking for a way to make cool cash in the process.

Amazon Keyword Research Explained For Sellers – 2019 Guide

Amazon’s focus is to get shoppers to buy. That’s why their search algorithm’s main goal is to give shoppers relevant search results of products that they are most likely to purchase.

The more sales you make and the better your conversion rates are, the better your product’s ranking will be. For this reason, it’s important to optimize your listing with the proper keywordsso that it will be higher ranked. The higher your ranking, the more likely customers will find and potentially buy your product.

According to Amazon:

Customers must be able to find your products before they can buy your products. Search is the primary way that customers use to locate products on Amazon. Customers search by entering keywords, which are matched against the information (title, description, etc.) you provide for a product. Factors such as degree of text match, price, availability, selection, and sales history help determine where your product appears in a customer’s search results. By providing relevant and complete information for your product, you can increase your product’s visibility and sales.”

As you can see, Amazon rewards sellers who are able to sell more. This means choosing the right keywords are important for maximizing the chances that your listing will be found by potential customers.

Amazon operates on individual keywords, not key phrases like Google. Thus, any word included in the product title, bullets, product description, etc. are counted as keywords and searchable by customers.

In addition, any keywords included in these sections only have to be mentioned once and don’t have to be repeated again in the search term fields. For example, if you’ve mentioned the word “large” in your product title or bullet points, it doesn’t haven’t to be mentioned in the search terms.

“Customers must be able to find your products before they can buy your products. Search is the primary way that customers use to locate products on Amazon. Customers search by entering keywords, which are matched against the information (title, description, etc.) you provide for a product. Factors such as degree of text match, price, availability, selection, and sales history help determine where your product appears in a customer’s search results. By providing relevant and complete information for your product, you can increase your product’s visibility and sales.”

Perfect Options for the Proper Aircon Repair

Like any technique, air conditioners are also defective. Although it happens more often on cheap brands, no air conditioning is insured. Stopping the air conditioner is unpleasant, but here are some tips that can be helpful:

Tip 1

Do not wait for the last minute

Very often, the air conditioner has a problem that needs to be eliminated, but we always remember at the last moment – either in the hottest time or at -15. Specialized firms are the busiest and you will find it hard to find a quick and quality refit. So do not delay. With the best in aircon repair singapore this happens to be the best deal for you now.

Tip 2

Maintain and protect your air conditioner regularly. So we greatly reduce the risk of defect at the most inappropriate moment.

Tip 3

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do not disconnect the air conditioners in the winter

It is wrong to think that when you are not at home, the air conditioner does not need to work. On the contrary, it is much less harmful to switch the air conditioner at a low temperature, and the consumption is much lower when the air conditioner is running constantly and keeps the temperature cool, preventing the room from cooling down. Turning on or off will neither comfort nor save.

Tip 4:

Before you call for repair, check out some seemingly simple things, but which are often the cause of an unreasonable visit to a service team – is the air conditioner in the socket or if there is no fuse, if the heat- are cold (not just the set temperature), the remote is with new batteries, the filters are cleaned, the body is not icy and the ice hinders the heat exchanger or the blade. You can trust the good at aircon servicing singapore in this matter.

Tip 5

If the air conditioner suddenly stops working in the winter and this is his first offense, give him a 10-minute chance to fix it. Most likely, at this point, it is called “defrost” (self-defrosting). Do not turn it off and on again, because it can not defrost its heat exchanger.

If none of the above helps, you can rely on us for competent diagnostics and quality repair. We have our own service base and a team of technicians. Repair costs can not be strictly defined as combining activities and materials different in each case, so in the diagnostics, you will get information on the cost of the repair. In most cases, the problem is removed on the spot, but if this is not possible, you may need disassembly and repair in our workshop.

Try to explain in detail in the service request everything unusual, which has made you impression – noises, flashing of lights, ice on the outdoor unit, crane lubrication, etc. So service technicians will have a preliminary idea of ​​what to expect and will not require repeated visits that are of no use to anyone.

Your data Backup Ultimate Choice: The Cloud Soplutions

Online storage is a service that has grown enormously in recent years. If it pleases us so much, it is obviously because it offers many more advantages than disadvantages. Once you’ve tried the online storage of pCloud,, or whatever, you will not be able to do without it. It is simple and effective and we will not wait to present the benefits of online storage but also its great weakness. And yes, nobody is perfect!

Online storage advantage

The benefits of online storage

Let’s start this article by listing the many benefits of online storage. As you can imagine, we are real advocates of this storage solution. However, we try to stay as objective as possible in order to help you find the best online storage for storing photos, videos and other documents.

If more and more people resort to online storage, it’s really not surprising. This solution has a number of impressive benefits and we will introduce them without further delay. With the Best Cloud Solutions Company In Singapore the options come perfectly.

It’s simple

  • This is a point that should seduce the most averses people to engage in online storage.
  • And yes, the first advantage of the latter is that it’s simple! By this we mean the simplicity of installation and use.
  • Everything becomes very easy when using online storage. Start a file on your computer and continue on your tablet in seconds.
  • Everything syncs perfectly in just a few seconds!

It frees you up

And yes, we could not talk about the benefits of online storage without talking about the place that will release on your devices.

Here, we mainly hear the space that you will release on your smartphone for photos for example.

Indeed, with an online storage like pCloud, you can directly ask your smartphone to save your new photos in the cloud. No need to take up space on your smartphone.

For your computer, if you have 300GB of video, no problem. We repeat, one of the advantages of online storage is that it will save you up on all your devices without exception. Put your 300GB of videos online and delete them from your computer. It’s just as simple as that.

It’s perfectly secure

  • That’s another big advantage of online storage.
  • And yes, security is the main reason why so many people use an online storage provider like for example.
  • With military-grade 256-bit SSL / TLS encryption, your data will be perfectly secure. The real benefit of online storage compared to a hard drive, for example, is that your data is copied multiple times (3 to 5 times depending on the vendor).
  • If your server is crying, no problem, your data is copied to other servers. This is not the case with a hard drive that can give up at any time and carry with it all your files so beloved.
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